Two South Delhi ATMs hacked, Rs 3 lakh stolen

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New Delhi: Two ATMs at Kalkaji were Hacked into and Rs 3 lakh was stolen in a matter of minutes. The theft came to light when a few customers who had used the machine earlier got messages from their banks that money had been withdrawn from their accounts in Mumbai.

Police was informed; who found out that a skimmer machine had been used to copy card information. These devices, police guessed, must have been attached to the ATMs. They also said that the total amount of money fraudulently withdrawn was expected to rise as many more people were approaching the police with complaints.

DCP (southeast) Chinmoy Biswal said police have written to the banks for more information.

Satish Kangar, who complained of losing Rs 50,000, said he had used an Axis Bank ATM located at J-1 block, DDA flats, Kalkaji, on Tuesday night.

“After a while, I checked my account to find that Rs 50,000 had been withdrawn from the account. I returned to the ATM machine to check if someone had withdrawn money but there was nobody. Later, six or seven other people also came there. They had also withdrawn money from that and another ATM and got messages about transactions happening in Mumbai,” Kangar said.

The other ATM belonged to IndusInd Bank. As other ATMs nearby had their shutters down, the victims suspected that someone nearby had done that on purpose so that people would use only those two ATMs. Most of the transactions were carried out in a span of 15 minutes around midnight.

Every three minutes, someone was withdrawing Rs 10,000 from Andheri East, Mumbai. Even as I called the customer care service of the bank to block my card immediately, the hackers had emptied the account and taken away Rs 1lakh,” said Eric George, adding that he had used the ATMs about two weeks earlier.

Later on Wednesday, more people came to Kalkaji police station, claiming that they had also been cheated of their money after using the two machines. Police said the machines must have been tampered with for at least 10 days.

Preliminary probe indicated that the hackers had installed a skimming device in the machines, either in the card slot or above the keypad to capture PINs.

Police said they were scanning CCTV Cameras footage from the ATMs for clues and also speaking to the banks.

Earlier on December 4, a petrol pump attendant had been arrested for card fraud.

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Two South Delhi ATMs hacked, Rs 3 lakh stolen

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