Managing your diabetes this Ramadan

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HYDERABAD: Ramadan is just around the corner and the whole city is gearing up for a month long of festivities, food and fun. Its also a time when one needs to keep an eye on one’s health. Especially diabetics. To spread awareness Apollo Sugar has taken the initiative to extend diabetes care at various clinics across the city.
See a doctor a month earlier : 
We know that fasting is a very major aspect of Ramadan. health during the celebrations. Some of the risks associated with fasting are hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and dehydration. Its always advised to see your doctor a month prior of Ramadan to check your blood sugar levels and get advice about fasting.

Can you fast?

Based on the difference in blood sugar levels, Dr SG Mozam identifies three categories based on risks ; high, moderate and low. High risk patients should not fast for they have uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

This would include people who have recently been hospitalized due to diabetes, pregnant women, who have acute illness, etc, . Moderate risk patients can safely fast if they keep to all the precautions. This category would include people who are suffering from pre and borderline diabetes.

A healthy balanced diet

Diabetics are always on a strict diet to maintain their health. This becomes impossible to follow during Ramadan due to irregular eating times and fasting. Its important to consume food rich in high carbs and fiber to satiate the hunger and provide strength.

Don’t drift to oily and spicy dishes for they fill up the stomach in less quantity and are bad for longer intervals. Fruits and green vegetables are your friends who will fill you up with important nutrients. Avoid juices and carbonated drinks for they have high sugar content.


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Managing your diabetes this Ramadan

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