Cctv Cameras in Hyderabad

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CCTVs zoom in on 27 lakh traffic violators in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Technology is once again proving to be a crucial tool for the Hyderabad Police. The traffic wing of the city police, which has been relying heavily upon the CCTV cameras in Hyderabad  network across the city for various uses, is now making it one of the primary forms of enforcement of traffic laws.

The CCTV cameras have helped the department track down a staggering 27 lakh traffic violators in 2017, and challans were served to them along with photographs and videos.

Ranganath, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), the enforcement drives are conducted in two ways, ‘contact’, which will have traffic personnel on the streets, and ‘non-contact’, wherein violations are monitored through technology-driven systems such as CCTV cameras.

While the personnel on the streets caught 8.45 lakh violators in 2017, the number of cases registered via the non-contact mode was the highest in the last four years.

“Nearly 27 lakh violators were issued challans in 2017 via the non-contact mode,” the DCP said, adding that more cases would be recorded in 2018 as the plan was to intensify CCTV surveillance system this year.

Traffic (e-Challan) Inspector M Narsing Rao said the proposed Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) system too would come as a major deterrent to traffic law violators. According to Rao, the city would have nearly 4,500 CCTV Cameras under ITMS and the Safe and Smart City concepts.

“About 1,000 CCTV cameras in Hyderabad  will be installed at intersections under the ITMS project, while 3,500 cctv cameras are going to be installed under the Safe and Smart City concept,” he said.



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Cctv Cameras in Hyderabad

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