Age six years … earnings worth Rs 71 crore!

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A six-year-old child … about Rs. Earning 71 crores … he has got millions of fans on the internet … what has he done?

How is it possible?

Anyone who loves to watch the cartoon toys on TV. But can you believe that the old age is earning a child? Can we not be surprised if the name is brought worldwide? That’s what America is doing.

* This Mini Millionaire named Ryan. He plays millions of dollars in his account playing with dolls like all children. But this kid play before the camera. Reviewing new varieties of bonus.

* There is no doubt about how to get out of it … no more … this is the youngest man running the YouTube Channel under the title ‘Ryan Toys Review‘.

* When is it ready? Angry Bird … Cartoon Toys like Superhero, Lego Bricks toys … trains and planes with many newly arrived children’s dolls. That’s  how well they say. There were countless advertisements for a few million people watching those videos. This year, Ryan took 11 million dollars. That is about 71 crores in our rupees. In 2017, he became one of the most earned by YouTube. Bully has become a tube star with a lot of coats near sitting.

* The origin of interest has begun … Ryan’s Amma Toys Review Channel runs. All of those videos are of interest to Ryan since the age of three. It noticed and started to take videos with Ryan, not just children. In 2015, a special channel, named Ryan, opened. Daily children’s videos were uploaded. In a few days, fans have grown up. Everyone got better. Now the crores are getting rupees.





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Age six years … earnings worth Rs 71 crore!

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